6 Reasons why you should upgrade to LED!



LED lighting technology has improved dramatically recently and has also reduced substantially in price. However, the power you could be saving on your electricity bill isn't the only reason why you should be upgrading.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why you should upgrade to LED!

  1. LONGER LIFE - LED's can last far longer than traditional lighting. Usually more than 50,000 hours if powered by a good quality LED driver and with excellent heat diffusion. This also means no maintenance and therefore reduced electrician callouts!
  2. LESS HEAT - As LED's produce far less heat than halogen and fluorescent lighting, this in turn reduces the load on air conditioning systems. Halogen lights have also been the cause of many house fires when improperly installed!
  3. NO HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS - LED's contain no hazardous chemicals. Unlike fluorescent tubes that house both mercury and phosphor.
  4. NO NOISE - LED's make no noise, so they're perfect for any environment. 
  5. LOW CO2 EMISSIONS - The reduction in energy usage means a reduction in your carbon footprint!
  6. REDUCED ENERGY BILL - LED's are up to 90% more efficient than some light systems and 50% more efficient than fluorescent lighting.

If you would like to know more about LED lighting and how it could save your household or business, call BW Industrial Electrical to arrange a free lighting audit and quote!

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